Taxes can be returnedDebts can be neglectedBut although these things are applicableRespect cannot be dismiss-able Advertisements

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Do I seem upset, little bit cross?At a point in life where I don’t knowAt a path with multiple roadsUnsure which would lead me to my own abode Walking one way would seem like a stretchIf it’s wrong, it’ll take me somewhere sketchIf it’s right, it’ll take me to the unknownIf I’m lucky, it’ll take […]

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ObtuseSome truthDifficult to useMade out like Dr. SeussBe useless or a cash gooseLying about it could form a nooseBut explanations could just confuse

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The better of me can be found in himSetting labels and congratulatory grinsThrough thick and thinWhen 2 become whole, when 1 is not alone

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Words can only cut so deepLike spikey vocal chords can only be heard by earWith forks and nails being always nearKeeping in the pain, the nervesThe brain that spews this verse

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SloppySpeaking softlySaying stupid slowlySinking so sweetly sowingSlapping silly signaturesSpeculative scienceStilled

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